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Jason Peter Todd

Supernatural Kink Meme Part 1

Supernatural Kink Meme
New Season. New meme.

01. You may post your requests whether you are signed in or not. If you post your fill in a separate journal, please give the link to the one who requested the fic. Don't worry about warning for ratings, because this community is a kink community and will have adult concepts.
02. NO DRABBLES ALLOWED. You don't need to write chaptered fic, but give the requester some substance. All fills must reach a minimum of 300 words to be accepted.
03. Post a NEW comment for each request. I don't care if you have ten kinks to list. I don't want them all in the same comment or they will be deleted. Rather, post ten different comments with one kink each.
04. Don't be a jerk.

• How to Request/Fill Requests
01. Leave a comment with a pairing and a kink. You MAY include masturbation fics IF REQUESTED. Ex. Sam/Dean or Ex. Castiel/Hand.
02. A kind, like-minded being who discovers your kink will write a fic (length doesn't matter as long as it's over 300 words) for you. You will reply.
03. Even if the filled kink wasn't your request, I advise you to read it if it interests you and I encourage you to comment so the user/anon can receive more feedback.

• Formatting (for fics)
Subject Line (of comment): Title - Pairing - Part 1/? (if there are multiple parts)

• Promote
For more action, we need to make more users aware of the meme, so spread it around.

Filled Prompts: Het|Slash|RPF|Threesomes/Foursomes

Open Prompts: Crossovers|Het|Multi-Pairings|RPF|Slash|Threesomes/Foursomes
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